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Home Inspection Continuing Education Course Schedules:
Flexible Schedule also available. The Home Inspection Continuing Education Course is lead by a New York State registered Architect.

Course Name Location Start Date End Date Time Price Register
HI_CE Bronx 04/07/2018 04/21/2018 Sat 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI CE Brooklyn 04/08/2018 04/22/2018 Sun 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI_CE Bronx 05/05/2018 05/19/2018 Sat 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI CE Brooklyn 05/13/2018 05/27/2018 Sun 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI_CE Bronx 06/02/2018 06/16/2018 Sat 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI CE Brooklyn 06/10/2018 06/24/2018 Sun 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI_CE Bronx 07/07/2018 07/21/2018 Sat 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI CE Brooklyn 07/15/2018 07/29/2018 Sun 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI_CE Bronx 08/04/2018 08/18/2018 Sat 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI CE Brooklyn 08/12/2018 08/26/2018 Sun 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI_CE Bronx 09/01/2018 09/15/2018 Sat 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI CE Brooklyn 09/16/2018 09/30/2018 Sun 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI_CE Bronx 10/06/2018 10/20/2018 Sat 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI CE Brooklyn 10/14/2018 10/28/2018 Sun 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI_CE Bronx 11/03/2018 11/17/2018 Sat 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI CE Brooklyn 11/11/2018 11/25/2018 Sun 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI_CE Bronx 12/01/2018 12/15/2018 Sat 9AM-5PM $600.00
HI CE Brooklyn 12/16/2018 12/30/2018 Sun 9AM-5PM $600.00

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Contact NYREINSURANCE INSTITUTE at: contact@nyreinsurance.com:

New York Real Estate & Insurance Institute
For Course Schedules Call
(718) 382 - 4332
Email Address:contact@nyreinsurance.com

School Office Hours:
Weekdays 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturdays & Sundays 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

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