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New York Real Estate Appraiser Licensing Course:

      Real Estate Appraiser is the career for the new millennium. The Real Estate Appraiser profession is an exciting career opportunity and a profitable one. Real Property Appraisal is the valuation of Real Estate. An Appraiser estimates the value of Real Property. All Appraisers must have good analytical and effective oral and written communication skills in order to produce the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report.

      New York Real Estate & Insurance Institute is approved by NY State Department of State to offer Real Estate Appraiser course for RealEstate Appraiser Professionals in New York. All Real Estate Appraiser classes are taught by experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the filed. All Real Estate Appraiser course offered at New York Real Estate & Insurance Institute is approved and certified by the New York State Department of State.

R-5: Basic Appraisal Principles
30 hours  Price: $375.00  Course Code: Q-0411
Call for Schedules
R-6: Basic Appraisal Procedures
30 hours  Price: $375.00  Course Code: Q-0412
Call for Schedules
R-7: Residential Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use
15 hours  Price: $275.00  Course Code: Q-0413
Call for Schedules
R-8: Residential Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost Approach
15 hours  Price: $275.00  Course Code: Q-0414
Call for Schedules
R-9:  Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approach
30 hours   Price: $375.00  Course Code: Q-0415
Call for Schedules
R-10:  Residential Report Writing and Case Studies
15 hours   Price: $275.00  Course Code: Q-0416
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National USPAP
15 hours   Price: $400.00  Course Code: Q-0417
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New York Real Estate Certified Residential Appraiser License:

R-11: Advanced Residential Applications & Case Studies
15 hours  Price: $300.00  Course Code: Q-0442
Call for Schedules
SMF: Statistics, Modeling and Finance
15 hours  Price: $300.00  Course Code: Q-0443
Call for Schedules
RE2: Fair Housing, Fair Lending and Environmental Issues
20 hours  Price: $350.00  Course Code: Q-0444
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For Course Schedules:
Please call to
(718) 382 - 4332

Real Estate Appraisal Continuing Education Course:

1. 4.0 HR Supervisory Appraiser / Trainee Appraiser Course.

       This course is approved by NYS DOS in order to meet the educational standards for Real Estate Appraisers effective January 01, 2015. The course commences with an overview of national and state appraisal regulatory bodies as well as a comprehensive discussion of the minimum AQB qualifying criteria for supervisory appraisers and the various appraiser classifications. Obligations of appraiser ethics and competency are also discussed with a focus on supervisory appraisers and trainees. The course concludes with specific roles and responsibilities of supervisory appraisers and trainee appraisers.

Learning Objectives:

1. The Regulatory Structure of Appraiser Licensing and Certification.
2. Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) of Appraisal Foundation Qualifying criteria for Appraisers.
3. Specific credentialing requirements for the Appraiser classifications.
4. Ethics rule, Record keeping rule of USPAP.
5. The competency rule and the scope of work rule.
6. Fair Housing and Fair lending practices.
7. Standard rules of USPAP.
8. Appraisal development and reporting responsibilities.

The Course Price is: $200.00

Schedules:    Click here

2. 21.0 HR How to Analyze an Investment Property Course.

      This course is offering as a Real Estate Appraisal Continuing Education Credits for licensed Appraisers to renew their license. This course covers the study of how to evaluate the purchase of investment property. First we examine the borrowing money and look into Risk versus Return. Collecting, analysing data and decide when to invest. Finally making decisions is reviewed.

1. The Borrowing of Money.
2. Risk versus Return. How to decide when to invest.
3. Using the Financial Calculator.
4. Collecting and Analyzing Data.
5. Discounted Cash Flow Methods.
6. Making Decisions.

The Course Price is: $200.00

Schedules:    Click here

3. 7 HR National USPAP Update Course 2018-2019.

      This course is offering as a Real Estate Appraisal Continuing Education Credits for licensed Appraisers to renew their license. This course covers present and explain the new revisions to USPAP adopted in 2015 and effective from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2017. Present the current changes to USPAP in a variety of scenarios for class discussion. Present scenarios that challenge participants to interpret and apply USPAP to situations they encounter in their daily practice.

1. Why and How USPAP Changes are Made - The Result of Exposure.
2. Rationale for and Impact of the 2016-17 Changes to USPAP.
3. Most Common USPAP Problems and Issues.
4. A Practical Look at Advisory Opinions.
5. Myth or Fact - Discussion Questions.

The Course Price is: $200.00

Schedules:    Click here

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Contact NYREInsuranceInstitute at: contact@nyreinsurance.com:

New York Real Estate & Insurance Institute
For Course Schedules Call
(718) 382 - 4332
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Weekdays 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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